Hard to believe the the Flathead is dropping like a stone and fishing well at the end May. We are all pretty happy not to be sitting on a pond watching a bobber but also are a bit concerned at what August is going to look like. NOAA thinks we have another small bump in flows coming once we get some hot weather. Other than that, it looks like run-off is about done for the Flathead Drainage, hopefully not. June is a wet month so we could get a monsoonal rain event that prolongs it a bit but not likely. Only mother nature knows for sure.

The Flathead is fishing well. Fish are smacking the foam fly here and there and the dropper is plucking plenty of fish in the softer slower water. Waist to chest deep walking speed spots are producing. Riffly drop offs, slower edges and ledges, back eddies, side channels etc.  The hard outside is still a bit hard, check the other side. Have a dry rod with a small parachute at the ready. Fish are up in certain spots and they aren’t that smart yet. You can catch quite a few before you move on, but please move on.

The Clark Fork and Blackfoot are both getting close. NOAA thinks they’ll go out again soon. Hopefully there’s some more water in the hills…

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