Guide Ryan Stultz found a nice brown for this youngster

Not much has changed lately. Everything is still ripping along and basically blown except the Missouri. There are a few sneaky river options….give us a call from a secure line and we might give you some intel.

Same deal on the Mo as of late. Fishing in-out deeep with worms, sows, czechs, and p-tail variations. Throwing at the bank with a short rig with zurdles, crawdads, worms, sows, mayfly variations, and czechs nymphs. Fishing is productive but the river is very high.

Stillwater fishing continues to be productive. Balanced leeches, chironomids, callibaetis nymphs and dries, Rickard’s stuff etc. Slow trolling a type 3 or intermediate line with a leech and nymph is a good way to go, or throw out the bobber and sit and stair for a bit. We have slip bobbers for the deeeep rig if you feel the need.

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