A mixed bag of fishing this past week… We’d love to say its blanket mayflies and rising fish all afternoon but it aint. There’s a few hecubas around, a few mohaganies, and a few BWOs but nothing really to write home about in the hatch arena. We are still getting some decent dry fly fishing and catching plenty on the dropper.  No complaints really, we haven’t had to bobber fish.  A  few more beautiful sunny days in the forecast and then some cloudy mayfly weather is forecasted. Hopefully we’ll get some dense hatches with the next batch of moisture and clouds. The terrestrial fishing will still produce on warm sunny afternoons as will blind fishing a Hecuba pattern. Don’t put the hoppers away just yet…

Dry Flies of the Week

Orange baby chub, Hecuba cripple, Moosetail Chute, pink hoppers, Orange PMX

Nymphs of the Week

Small tung stones, SJWs, Oct caddis pupa, Soft hackle tung p-tail, Pats Rubber Legs

Bigfork Montana Fly Fishing

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