Boom’n one out over a nice run.

By the end of October most trout guide’s minds start to wander off to their upcoming fishing and hunting adventures, at least mine does…It usually starts about the end of August when day dreams of BIG chrome wild steelhead fill my head as I swelter in the Aug sun. For some it’s the bugling elk in the timber, for others it’s the flushing of a pheasant rooster and the thrill of watching the dog work, or maybe it’s a string of tarpon on a remote flat headed your way… Whatever it is that occupies our head, it’s a good reminder that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and to stay focused as the season is starting to make it’s descent…

We are pretty lucky to live close enough to some incredible places and to have a lifestyle that allows us to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. We recently meandered north to BC for our annual steelhead trip to get our swing fix…per usual it was a great trip. We connected with a bunch of hard pulling wild fish on the end of our two handers and hardly encountered any other humans – great therapy after a long season.  But our season is never really over…


Foggy morning swing with Yoter the Motor Boater…


Beautiful bright doe.


Colorful buck.

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