Yep, it’s here! The famous Bitterroot River skwala season is upon us. Just kidding, it’s a little early yet but soon enough the marching squadrons of the  Skwalhalla Army will descend on the Bitterroot with their purple foam flies and dreams of social media stardom. For now it’s motivation to tie some flies, although there will likely be more boats than skwalas for a while I’m guessing.

There’s still lots of snow on the ground and the water is cold so the dry fly bite probably ain’t gonna be red hot. The skwala dry fly fishing is usually dependable by the end of the month, usually… You’re better off heading to the Missouri for now. There you will likely find good nymphing, some midging fish and possibly a streamer bite or two. The libations at Joe’s this time of year are usually worth the trip, or is it the pizza? Can’t remember…

We are twisting up some bugs and digging out the boats but there are still a few turns to be made on the Mountain and hopefully a couple permit to catch before we start thinking seriously about the dry fly fishing here in the Rockies. But hey, watching your new creations float down some juicy water is fun even if the fish don’t cooperate, sorta.

Oh yeah, we have some new stickers. Get’m while they last.

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