Snowy Swan River

Although the first day of winter isn’t technically until Dec 21st, the snow makes it feel like it’s officially here. So what to do in the winter in MT? Lots to do! The Big Mtn opens this weekend if you are Jones’n to get some turns in or you can shoot upland birds til the end of the month or waterfowl through Jan 11th. And fishing of course…

Winter isn’t often thought of as a fishing season but there is plenty of opportunity through-out the winter months to get out on the water. It can be quite good at times. The Missouri is always the best winter fishing option but the Flathead River and Lower Swan River can provide good fishing at times as well.  For the most part winter is a nymphing game with standard winter patterns like prince nymphs, eggs, beads, San Juans, stonefly variations, and various beadhead attractor nymphs. You can even find fish rising on midges on the right days. Often times we get a couple hours of good dry fly fishing in the afternoons when the midges are out. Look for slower back eddies, deep slow seams, and slower runs to hold fish in the winter months.

So you can sit inside and grumble about the snow, or lack thereof, or get out and do some fishing this winter. Give us a call at the shop if you need some tips on spots to fish or fly patterns.

Jason Lanier
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