Wow! The snow has been incredible so far this year. Our snow pack is off to a great start. Hope it keeps up. The ski hill has been really fun as of late with all this snow. I’ve mostly been skiing with the kids but getting a few days in on my own as well.  Now that the holiday zombie apocalypse has left town the mountain should be at tolerable crowd levels again…

As for fishing…before all this snow and cold weather the river was fishing great. Some nice fish grabbing swung flies and the standard pink/stonefly combos have been catching some fish. It’s probably going to be a while before the ramps get cleared so we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything. Here’s a pic our friend KoonDogg sent us of a local bull he caught while swinging a bugger on the Flathead. Some good fish coming to hand this winter.

Here’s a simple bugger variation we like in the winter for swinging. The Complex Twist Bugger by Fly Fish Food. Simple to tie – just twist up a couple colors of polar chenille with some schlappen and that’s about it. Throw a tung cone on there and some lead wrap and swing on. We like olive but try your own flavor. It works…

Jason Lanier

Owner/Outfitter at Bigfork Anglers Fly Shop
Jason is enjoying the cool weather and looking forward to some tasty swings and a lucky pull.

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