We are looking good  for snow pack at this point. The skwala season should be great! the Bitterroot River is going to have some water this year for the spring season giving the fish some room to hide from the parade of boats they will see. We will likely get a few more interruptions in our spring freestone fishing this year as all this low level snow melts out over the next month and a half…but we always have the Missouri…

The Rivers are all on the rise at the moment as we are finally getting our first warm up after some serious cold and snow storms pounded us over the last couple weeks. Once things flatten out the spring fishing is going to kick in for real. It’s March after all! Legit dry fly fishing is going to happen very soon unless we get another arctic front. We will be on the Bitterroot and Flathead sometime this week. Saturday is looking very promising weather wise but the flows might be iffy. We’ll see…

Here are a few prediction graphs to look at to help you with your fishing plans this week. Keep in mind that they are not always correct but a guess from NOAA.

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