There’s not much snow in the hills and the river is low. Warm weather on the horizon too. Spring fishing is here. The Flathead River fished well yesterday and should be a great local option for the next month or so barring any unusual weather events. The sunny warm weather they are calling for will bring some fish up in the afternoons. Little winter/spring stones, midges, march browns, bwos, and maybe even a skwala or two will be showing in the coming weeks. The fish usually aren’t very particular so a small parachute adams will do if you encounter risers. The usual suspects will hunt subsurface. Frenchies, TB PTs, TB princes, pink scuds, worms, jig 20 inchers and whatever variation you want to try. A sink tip and a slow trolling streamer will get a yank too. Small drab, big & flashy? Both work sometimes… Small and drab seems to be more consistent.

The ski season is winding down and we are shifting gears. Shop hours will start to be a bit more regular-ish. Give us a call if you want to get on the water or need to get in the shop.

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