The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days. The bugs and the fish have been out and dry fly fishing in the afternoons has been great. Lots of families and friends out floating and wade fishing enjoying spring in the Rockies. It’s a great time to be outside. Flows have ticked up just about everywhere as the warm weather has started to move some snow out of the hills and down the river corridors. This might stall the fishing productivity for a couple days but the forecasted cold front will bring it right back. The next warm-up we get should provide more of the same. Skwallas, March browns, & spring stones(capnia, nemoura, leuctridae) are out and the fish are on them pretty good in the afternoons on the Lower Clark Fork and Bitterroot. Look for the flows to drop and the weather to warm back up soon. The fish and bugs should be active and dry fly fishing will continue soon. Check flows and get out and enjoy the spring sunshine before run-off kicks in.

Jason Lanier
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