We finally had a chance to get out and fish the Bitterroot the other day. It was a little chilly coming off our last cold snap but the sun was out, we caught some fish, had a few cold beers, and soaked up some vitamin D. It was quite nice. A few bugs around and a couple fish looking up, got some on droppers as well. Not lots of dry fly action with lows in the teens but it’s skwala season so you you gotta keep it out there for the random eat. Should be a good spring season with light traffic amidst all the CV stuff going on.

We haven’t been keeping regular store hours in the spring but give us a call if you need anything and we can try to make it happen. We are still doing a few guide trips and haven’t had a whole lot of cancellations at this point. If you have any questions regarding guided trips give us a call and we can talk it over.

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