Bigfork Montana Fly Fishing

Fooled this battle scared bruiser on a parachute adams.

This spring has been quite the roller coaster ride. The fishing, weather, and water have been all over the board…and the past couple weeks have been no exception. Hot and cold, up and down, in and out seems to be the theme. It looks like we’ll see some colder weather this week, and if we don’t see a ton of rain, we’ll likely see the rivers drop back into shape for another go-around.

The bugs are out in force right now. When/if we get another window of stable flows the fishing should lite up. Big flying skwalas, mothers day caddis, march browns, and bwos can all pour off at once offering some of the best fishing of the year when it all lines up.  May is a gamble on the freestones for sure but it can have BIG payouts.  When all else fails we can head over to the Missouri and find stable flows and consistent fishing.


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