Bigfork Montana Fly Fishing

Ryan and Libby enjoying the summer-like weather.

Warm weather, good hatches, and stable flows have offered up some REALLY good fishing on our western freestone rivers the past week or so. Unfortunately, it looks like it is slowly coming to an end. This long stretch of warm weather and warmer night time temps have started to bring the rivers back up a bit. With rain in the forecast for the weekend it’s more than likely we’ll see a continued up swing in flows, but you never know. It looks like we’ll have another couple days of fishing anyway.

As of now the Blackfoot and Flathead are holding but probably not for much longer, and the lower Clark is on a pretty steep climb. If we don’t get much rain things could level off and continue to fish well. We’ll see…

The Missouri is fishing great if you want to make the drive. Otherwise, local lakes will provide fishing opportunity for a variety of fish, including pike, trout and grayling.


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