This past week has been pretty solid fishing. The recent cold snap dropped river flows and the fishing on the Flathead River has been good to great. Some dry fly action in afternoons with little stones and March brown mayflies. Nymphing in the mornings has been productive as well. The graph is currently stable so you might be able to squeak another day in before she blows again.

The stillwater fishing has also been solid. A variety of small area lakes have been providing good action on leeches, callibaetis nymphs, and cronimids. Warm weather in the forecast should ramp up the bug life so look for more callibaetis and chronimid activity in the next week.

Dropping flows and warming temps on the mighty Missouri should excite the dry fly fishing if you’re headed in that direction. Warm temps in the forecast combined with decreasing flows will likely spark some caddis and mayfly activity. You might have some success hunting with a big bug too. Or you can do merry-go-row-arounds with a gumball at the dam.

Jason Lanier
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