Hooked-up to a nice cutthroat in the winter sunshine.

Hooked-up to a nice cutthroat in the winter sunshine.

Balmy weather this last couple days. Looks like more to come the next week too. No complaints here, we’ve been up to our ears in snow after the last huge dump. It’s nice to see the driveway and a little grass again. I know the pigs and chickens are digg’n it. A little hiatus from the ski hill and some quality time on the river…it’s good to have options. Fishing has been pretty decent too. They’re not that easy to find but once you do they are willing. The boat ramp was a bit sloppy today. Had to make a couple runs at it to get out but we made it without chains. Same old same old as far as flies goes…you know the stuff.

The Flathead River is on a slight rise from all the warm weather and could keep going over the next few days. Keep an eye on it if you are looking to get out, another 500 – 1k might put it off. Most of the spots we are catching fish are accessible on foot so get out and explore a run, you’ll probably catch a few.


These guys had a blast netting and reeling fish in.


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