Fish Food - Swan River

The small rivers and streams opener is this Sat. Per usual it will accompany high water. We stopped by the upper Swan at Piper yesterday and it looked great. But it’s gonna blow in the next few days.  FYI they are putting in a new bridge at Piper Creek.  As of now it will be difficult to launch a boat.  Hopefully they will make a spot for us before the project is complete.

Our snow pack is still at 100% of average. We might actually have a normal run-off……barring any 2 inch monsoonal rain events in May and June. So far it’s looking to be a great summer.

The Pterognargnarcys Californicators (Salmon Flies) are out along the Wild Mile right now and it’s not too wild yet. You could probably get a fish or two to eat an adult. Twitching and skating it along the edges of the Mile or in the Bay is worth a try.

Orange Trout Steak

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