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Sasquatch sighting on the Swan today.

It’s in the air! Can you feel it?  The season is upon us. Not that we really ever stop but things are waking up from our long winter slumber. The Skwalai Lama is migrating and should be producing some happy dry fly angling before the end of the month. Well, at least down on the Bitterroot…possibly the Clark Fork. The Bitterroot and Clark Fork just got a huge push of water so it’s probably going to be a few days before they are a good option.

Uncle Brent took advantage of the spring weather today and meandered down to the local fish’n hole. He said there’s fish around. The recent bump in flows should bring some fish out of the lakes into the Lower Swan.

Hate to sound like a broken record but a turd and a prince is all you need. Although a nice tug on a streamer feels good too.

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