Spring weather has returned. Nice to see a little moisture and snow up in the hills. It’s a long hot summer so keep it coming. The rivers have all been dropping with the colder temps. Still high for this time of year but coming down. The Flathead is currently running a little more than twice is normal flow making it a little challenging for finding fish. But there’s been some nice fish showing up this spring out there.

Lots of fishing options in the west at the moment. Everything has dropped and is in decent shape. Thompson, Clark Fork, Bitterroot, Blackfoot. You could go catch some fish on all of those and more. Bitterroot is busy as always for the famed Skwala hatch but fish are eating the big dry so…  The Missouri is still quiet as the freestones are all fishing. A few more weeks and everyone will head over as run-off kicks in. Now’s a good time to go before it’s the only option and all the guides in the state show up. Lakes are starting to open up too. Ice off is when all the big fish are dumb and love to chow the balanced leach. A good local option if you don’t want to deal with a long drive and a shuttle.

We have the New Sage R8 in the shop. Got to cast it the other day and we all really like it. Feels really light in hand and has a light swing feel. Pretty rod too. Shop is filling up with gear and flies in the coming weeks. See you soon.

Jason Lanier
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