Spring fishing is definitely here. Dries, streamers, nymphs, or whatever.  A veriety of tactics will work on most rivers.  The Root, Clark Fork, & Mo will offer the most consistant dry fly fishing.  Not much snow in the hills so flows should remain stable through April.  The Root gets most of the attention this time of year so picking a float can be tricky if you want to avoid the floatilla. We are already looking at 10 -15 boats per stretch. The lower and upper C-fork and Blackfoot can be a good way to avoid the parade but are not always as consistent with the dry fly.

Streamer brown from the Bitterrfork of the Jefferfoot 3/2/10

If you’re not out fishing this spring you should be.  With our current snow conditions it’s going to be a great spring & early summer so get out and enjoy.

Jason Lanier
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