Ryan “Small Paws” Stultz hop’n out to scoop a nice one for his angler.

Bigfork Montana Fly Fishing Report

It feels like summer out there right now. Is it REALLY going to be 88 degrees on Wed? Actually kinda uncomfortable hot for a little while in the afternoons. The fishing the last few days has been pretty good despite the blazing sun and unusually warm late September weather we are experiencing. Hopefully the heat will be gone for good soon. By the end of the week the weather looks promising with clouds, rain, and highs in the 60’s. It should bring the fall mayfly hatches and more rising fish…

Clark Fork River Fly Fishing Report – Exceptional dry fly fishing a few days ago under the clouds and pretty good in the sun the last couple days. The clouds and rain in the forecast make this river the obvious choice later in the week. Look for BWOs and Mohos to show in better numbers with the next cooling trend but they’ll still eat the foam too. We should have good fishing on the lower Clark Fork for the rest of the season with October Caddis, BWOs, and Mohogany mayflies. There are still a few tricos and sulfers around too but not for much longer. Small foam attractors and ants have been great but look to some mayfly patterns if the clouds and rain materialize.

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Report – A variety of reports the last few days from single dry greatness to mediocre dropper fishing. Guess it depends on the day, the stretch, how many boats are ahead of you, angler skill….Talked to one of our guides who was second boat through the canyon the other day and caught a bunch of good fish on single dries all day. Also talked to another one of our guides who had to scratch it out with techie droppers to make a day of it. One had good anglers, the other…not so much. Look for October Caddis, BWOs, and Mohos over the next few weeks. Hoppers and ants will still get eats on warm days when the sun is out.

Swan River Fly Fishing Report – Pretty good dry fly fishing. You can role an over-sized p-haze or an October caddis pattern and catch fish if you stick with it but you need to get the fly a ways out in front of the boat. It’s a great time of year to throw streamers too…especially if it’s cloudy, but don’t stand over a bull trout run and target bulls staging to spawn(frowned upon and also illegal). Make sure to check the regs and stay away from the closed tribs too. Lots of bull trout up there this time of year getting ready to do their thing. The lower river and Mile are also fishing well. Hoppers, chubbies, or whatever foamie and a turd will catch you plenty, and a few good ones. I saw some fish rising below the bridge the last few evenings too.

Flathead River Fly Fishing Report – Last report I heard was pretty good. Lots of bait-fish and a few proper trout in the mix. Purple uv ant has been pretty good so I hear(we’re out). One of our guides rolled a 14 Royal Wulff all day recently and got a ton of fish and a few big ones.  Just goes to show ya that it ain’t the arrow that kills the deer…Look for good dry fly fishing in the afternoons and expect to see some BWOs and Mohogany mayflies with the next weather system coming through. There’s been a few October caddis bouncing around too so try a good old orange stimi as a lead fly with a small mayfly pattern off the back.


Andy Guy and a great dry fly brown from a recent Missouri River trip.

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