Missouri River Brown Trout

Local Bigfork Angler Jim Abney take’n a break from slaying pow to catch a few on the Mo.

Our shop guy Brad sent us this pic from the Mo today. He headed over with local Bigfork Angler Jim Abney to scratch the itch. All reports have been good on the Mo per ushe. Check in with the Headhunters Report and they’ll tell ya all about it. I heard the Lanier’s Lucent Lightning Bug has been deadly on the Prosopium Williamsoni.

Nothing new to report fishing wise here on the west side…same old blah blah winter tactics pink stuff and worms B.S. Look at the last report…nothing much has changed. We are still a few weeks out before we see any real dry fly fishing. Sure, you might find some fish eating midges on the right day but the late winter/spring stones (skwala, leuctridae, nemoura, capnia)  are still a few weeks from stirring up consistent dry fly fishing. Hard to believe the guide season starts in a few weeks. For now, it looks like a great week to hit the BIG MTN…they are calling for a bunch of snow over the next several days.


Jason Lanier
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