Bigfork Montana Fly Fishing

Rodney cruis’n.

It’s summer here in Montana! Sunshine, flip flops, good hatches, fish eating dry flies…All the rivers are dropping fast and fishing well. Cooler weather should really get the fish looking for the dry fly. Clouds are a bonus.

The Flathead is dropping and fishing well. Golden stones, green drakes, pmds, sallies, & caddis round out the menu. You can catch fish on every discipline. More fish looking for dry flies in the afternoon. Droppers in the am. Look to side channels, slow insides and walking speed chop. Like all our rivers it’s dropping fast and changing daily.

Blackfoot has been fairly consistent. Lots of bugs anyway. Some days the fish will eat the dry pretty good, some days they’ll eat the dropper, some days are a head scratcher…Salmon flies, goldens, sallies, green drakes, caddis, pmds are all out and about. The river is still carrying some color so try trolling a couple streamers down the bank if the dry fly thing isn’t happening.

Clark Fork is still dropping and clearing but a good option. A foamie and a deep dropper is always a good bet. Caddis late in the day can be exceptional but will most certainly cut into your cocktail time. Swinging a bugger and a prince along the banks is a good tactic if the dry dropper rig isn’t producing. Any sort of cloud cover should lite up the dry fly fishing. Look for golden stones, caddis, green drakes, sallies, and pmds.


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