The Upper Swan River has been fishing decent. You’ll want to focus your efforts from Blair Flats to Porcupine for the easiest rowing/portaging. Not bad in there really, only a few minor boats drags. Fish will eat big foam hoppers, large Mayfly patterns, and other terrestrial type attractor stuff. A few fall drakes(hecuba mayfly) have been seen so sticking it out with a big parachute can have it’s rewards. A deep dropper of the SJW, PRL, Prince, TBH p-tail jig or simalar will pluck a good one here and there as well. A streamer on a mid weight sink tip is a good bet too this time of year. Sparkle minnows, shelia sculpins, and classic tung cone olive buggers in larger sizes will all get attention. Remember there are certain sections closed to fishing this time of year so check the regs. Stop by the shop for a free map and some pattern suggestions.

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