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We just watched the Headhunters new video on the 2 hander for trout. GREAT VIDEO! We have advocated the trout 2 hander for a while. Now that it has made the World Famous Headhunters Blog it will likely become the cool thing to do on the Mo. Two handed fly rods are great tools for covering lots of water with minimal effort. If you haven’t tried one, you should. It’s a fun learning curve. If you don’t have $1200 laying around for a new setup there are a few affordable 2 handers that fish great.

Here are a few 2 handed trout rods we like for under $350:

TFO 11ft 4wt Switch – This rod casts great as both a 2 hander and single handed rod. We’ve fished it a bunch. It won’t throw big streamers but it’s great for smaller buggers on light tips or floating leaders. It’s a nymphing machine. We like the RIO Skagit short  or Airflo Scandi Compact in the 300 grain range.

TR 12′ 5wt – This is a great rod if you really want the 2 handed feel. You can spool it up with a 400 grain Scandi or Skagit and it will boom out long cast with bigger streamers and tips if you need’m. Airflo has a great new line called the Rage that is probably going to be THE line for trout 2 handers.

Both TFO and Echo make a handful of great trout sized 2 handers that are affordable and perform great. So if you don’t want to break the bank but you want to give the 2 handed thing a try, check out some of these rods.

Echo TR 2 Hander

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