A re-post but tis the season. Every yard in Montana is part of the local watershed, the flow of water that ends up in our streams and rivers. And there are trout in those rivers, such as brown trout, rainbow trout, native cutthroat, brook trout and native bull trout. As Montana continues to grow in size and population, each different type of trout will likely share a common threat – more potential sources of water pollution. But there are a few easy things that every local resident can do to make our waterways run cleaner.

Trout Friendly Lawns encourages local landowners to avoid chemical pesticides and lawn fertilizers, while advocating for responsible watering in the summer. Chemical fertilizers can wash into streams and rivers and contribute to algae blooms, which deplete oxygen in the water and stress trout. Pesticides work in water the same as they do on land, killing aquatic vegetation and the insects that trout feed on. They are also harmful to family pets. Trout Friendly Lawns gives small yard signs to residents that have made an effort to use some of the following “trout-friendly” lawn care techniques:

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