Galvan Rush Light

Looking for a reel to go on that new spey or switch rod? A Hatch or Tibor would be nice if you have $800 to dish out. If not, check out the Galvan Rush Light series. The Galvan is less than half the price and is a proven work horse in both fresh and salt. The Galvan also has accessory Spey Weights available for balancing. You don’t hear too much about balancing your 2 hander but once you have you’ll appreciate it. As you know, 2 handed rods are considerably longer and the ultralight machined aluminum reels do not balance the long rods properly. Some of the larger reels designed for 2 handers are heavy enough but are not as practical on a single hander.  So if you want a versatile reel for double and single handed rods the Galvan is a  nice reel at a great value.

Jason Lanier
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