Swan River Fly Fishing

Rainy sled ride on the Swan River

It’s tax & tying season. I am behind on both per usual…Luckily the rivers have all crapped the bed giving me some time to prepare my taxes and fly boxes for the upcoming season.

The rivers are a mess. The Flathead looks like chocolate milk, you think it’s chocolate milk but it’s watered down Yoohoo….Warm weather and rain gave us an unseasonably LARGE push of water and all of our rivers have been out of shape for a few days, except the Missouri of course. They have all crested and are on the drop so options are opening back up. A big spring push of water should get some big fish on the move and the Rivers should all be fishing better soon…

We hit the lower Swan the other day in the rain and rising water and managed a few nice rainbows on buggers and stone nymphs. The Bigfork Bay should have a few new fish cruising around as well, so that should be a good local option if you’re looking for a convenient spot to wet a line for a couple hours.

We are heading out on spring guide tour and will be following the water conditions around the state over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted on the dry fly bite, maybe…


Maybe a couple weeks worth…


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