The punishing arctic death grip we were trapped in has finally subsided. The river warmed up a touch and the trouts responded enough. The flow ice has temporarily disappeared making the river a decent option for a brief moment. Looks like some single digit nights are going to put the fishing in the “not so fun” zone again but we should start to get some warm spells soon. Day time temps are looking to almost scratch the freezing mark so you could probably catch a couple trout if you really wanted to. Go deep with pink or swing low with your streamer of choice.  You can throw the overly dressed, articulated, 30 minutes to tie jobber or just pop on a classic olive bugger like the “Koon Dogg” did here to find this nice Flathead River cutty. Boat ramps are not great but doable from Teakettle to Presentine if you have 4×4 and maybe chains. Old Steel is still iced out.

It’s tax season so we are closed down counting widgets, doohinkies, and what nots. We’ve been talking about a fly tying night sometime soon so give us a call or message if you’re interested.

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