Cruising on the Swan

General Outlook – We are finally getting some much needed moisture. A bit more flow in the rivers won’t hurt either. Cool temps are predicted to prevail in the near future. This should be great for your fishing endeavors the next few weeks. Hecubas (Fall Drakes), October caddis, and Mahogany Duns should start to make a stronger presence and provide more consistent afternoon dry fly opportunities.

Flathead River Report: It’s been mediocre out there. The rain we are getting will probably milk it up for a day or two and put off the fishing. Once the flows settle the fishing should be good. Para mayflies, cripples, and October caddis attractor variations are good search bugs this time of year. The SJW after a push of water is always a good bet if you’re into that sorta thing. With the cooler temps the dry fly fishing will likely be most productive during the heat of the day. Terrestrials will still produce on sunny warm afternoons.
Bugs / Fly Patterns:  terrestrials, Hecubas, Oct Caddis / Ants, beetles, Mayfly cripples, parachute mayflies, october caddis, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, J-Slams, foam whatevers, Urchin buggers, Pats Rubbers, Double Beads, SJW, Tung 20 inchers, princes / c-johns  / attractor nymphs.

Swan River Report:  Still tough out there. Low and slow water conditions have the fish spooking out way in front of the boat. Hopefully we’ll see a flow increase with the downpoor we’re getting. A hopper dropper way down in front of the boat is the way to role. Or just a single dry. Small foamies, october Caddis variations, and large mayfly stuff is good for searching. Cloudy days are worth trolling streamers in the holes. Nymph if you get desperate.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: terrestrials, Hecubas, Oct Caddis/Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, stimis, J-Slams, rubber legs, prince nymphs, SJWs, rubber legs, small double bead stones

Blackfoot River Report: Reopened on Monday. The fish haven’t seen a foamie in 3 weeks so…..

Lower Clark Fork River Report: Meh….The C-fork has been kinda lame in the sun and it’s also been absorbing a bit of pressure from the Blackfoot closure. All that is behind us now and with the cloudy cool weather it should start to shine. Hopper dropper rigs will still produce but cloudy days will have some fish looking for the big mayfly patterns. October caddis patterns on the skate can produce as well. Now that the water is cooling the streamer should produce something other than Skwakers.
Bugs / Fly Patterns:  terrestrials, Hecubas, Oct Caddis / Hecuba cripples, October caddis, hoppers, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, J-Slams, foam whatevers, Pats Rubbers, Double Beads, SJW, , p-tails,  princes & attractor nymphs,


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