Flathead River Westsope Cutthroat trout Montana

Guide Jeromy Maynard with a nice Flathead River Westslope Cutthroat on a cool cloudy day.

Hopefully you all had a happy 4th weekend. It was absolute madness here in Bigfork – family, friends, good food, fireworks, boating, parades, and a few cocktails to round it out. Great fun in Bigfork per usual…

As for fishing, we have been given a 4th of July gift. A sizable extended cold front has made its way across Western Montana and saved us from the pending doom of fires, closures and drought conditions, for a while anyway… This will certainly buy us some time and give us good fishing options for the near future.

Flathead River Fishing Report

The Flathead has been fishing good, better later in the day with this cool weather. It has been windy making it a challenge for those new to fly fishing but good reports from folks who can throw the fly 20 ft from the boat. Fly selection has not been critical. A small foam fly, purple haze, small stimi , or any other mid-sized attractor has been working just fine, it’s more about getting a half way decent drift.

Blackfoot & Clark Fork

Good reports from the CF with the recent cloud cover and cool weather. Not much in the way of insects but small foam variations are still working well. Clouds are always a good thing on this river so take advantage of the weather while you can. Mixed reports from the Blackfoot as of late. Lots of traffic up there but this weather should help spread out folks and get some fish looking up. Put on a smallish attractor pattern and that should work just fine. Purple haze, royal wulff, pmx, little chubbies, small goldens have all been working good enough to avoid the dropper.

This cold front is truly a gift from the weather gods so take advantage of it before the summer heat returns.


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