Fly Fishing the Missouri River

Diane and a nice dry fly brown.

The Missouri is the place to be right now. Not many options on the west side with all this water. We’ve been back and forth to the Mo most of the month and the fishing has been pretty consistent. We have been trying to avoid the dam and the bobber but it ain’t easy. If you want easy then go to the dam and bobber fish. The nymphing has been mediocre on the lower river with all the rainbows on the spawn. If you want to catch a handful of nice browns on dry flies then go to the lower river and stick with it. Luckily we’ve been able to convince our anglers that getting a nice brown to chug a foamie is a far greater accomplishment than going for numbers with the indicator. It’s not for everyone and sometimes I wonder if I’m being selfish but it sure makes for a more enjoyable work day.

A BIG Thanks to the CED boys Conan and Pete for putting a great group together. There might have been as many beers consumed as fish netted…Good times!


Nothing better than the toilet bowl chug…


“Meaty” Pete with a meaty brown.

Commute home. Do we need more snow?

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