Solid Bitterroot brown from today on a home brewed skwala foamie.

The Bitterroot has been fishing really well the last few days. Not seeing many skwalas around but the fish are still taking the big dry all afternoon. The river is in great shape and should continue to fish well for the near future. March browns are popping off in the afternoon with some fish keying on the mayfly. Most are still eating the skwala. Good fun…

The lower Clark Fork has been on the drop and is due to give up some good dry fly fishing any day. A few ate the skwala on the lower river today. A few grey drakes and bwos are kicking around.

The Flathead is still pretty big but on the drop. It should continue to drop and become a better option once this next cold front passes….but if you want to brave the weather and high water you can catch a few.

Nypmhs and streamers are getting some fish in the Bay and lower Swan.

The ice is out at Rogers if you want to go catch a pile of grayling….

The weather is looking pretty chilly for a while but the next warming trend should produce more great dry fly fishing.


Dick “No Look” Wachowski with a great dry fly fish on the Root.


Ameletus? Siphlanora? or Rhithrogena? Anyone know? Parachute Adams…



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