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It’s been a tough week at the office.  Well above average temps sent a sizable push of water through all of our freestone rivers early in the week. The high water was immediately followed by some very cold temps and brutal wind, then back to record high temps near 80. All and all we’ve had less than desirable conditions. To top it off, the Orvis convention was in Missoula this week adding a massive pile of boats to an already overly popular hatch.  A pretty standard Montana spring time roller coaster ride…  Despite the punishing wind, high water and crowds, we managed to find solitude and some good skwala fishing. We certainly dangled the dropper this week but also got to run the single skwala and enjoyed some classic Bitterroot skwala eats from big beautiful fish.

Most everywhere is basically unfishable at the moment as another unseasonably warm spell is rapidly melting the snow in the high country. With any luck we’ll get some cooler night time temps to bring things back in shape soon. There are a few areas where you can work it out but you’re better off heading over to the Missouri if you want dependable fishing conditions in the near future.


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