We’ve been having mild weather this winter. It’s mid February and there’s no snow on the Valley floor. Luckily the snow-pack is good up in the high country. The low level snow is important too but none of the graphs record that info. Way below normal. Not good for the snow-plow guys but lovely for those who complain about shoveling.  We fished the river the other day. It was decent. Nymph fishing deep and slow in the slow winter holes is where we found them, duh. Not all the spots had fish but a few did and that was enough to put a decent half day together. Nicer size fish too per usual for the winter time fishing on the Flathead River. Standard winter nymphs did the trick. You know, pink stuff, stonefly nymphs, buggers etc…  The forecast looks like temps will remain above freezing so if the sun pops out it will probably worth getting a line wet.

Jason Lanier
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