We are currently stuck in a very mild weather pattern. No new snow on the ski hill and warmer temps will give you the itch to get on the river. The ramps have lost some snow and the river ice has dissipated. It’s all good for a winter outing. Standard winter flies will work. Worms, pink frenchies, rat finkies, small turds, p-tails, hares ears, princes etc. Swinging streamers is also a go-to winter tactic. Streamer fishing doesn’t normally produce as much action but gives you a better chance at hanging a big one. You also get the thrill of the streamer yank. Buggers, Sparkle minnows, Shelia sculpins, Skiddish Smolt, and other variations will all work. Smaller streamers are easier to cast and generally sink better if weighted properly. Smaller streamers generally get more action as well. If you don’t have a dedicated streamer line try looping on a sinking leader, we have them in a variety of sink rates. Bring a couple rods with you so you can cover the runs with multiple tactics – swing through the run a few times first, then come back through with the bobber rig.

Despite the lack of recent snow, we had a great December and the snowpack is look’n good so far. The shop has been closed mostly the last couple months but we are possibly going to start offering some winter hours. Check back soon. Give us a call anytime and we can let you know when the shop will be open.

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