Winter-bent on the Flathead River

If you follow our blog then you know we are big fans of fly fishing the Flathead River during the winter months. It’s good fishing, bigger fish too. We even get some dry fly fishing opportunities. Like all winter fishing it depends on the weather…but we definitely get our fair share of good days through-out the winter months. We’ve seen it fish well during a cold spell with highs in the teens. As I write this blog the weather outside looks warmish enough to hit the river (40ish and no wind). The winter fishing is here and we’ll keep you posted on what’s happening out there in the coming weeks. For now, here’s a few fly fishing photos from last winter on the Flathead River Montana near Glacier Park.

Fly Fishing Flathead River in the winter

Flathead River winter cutthroat


Colorful Flathead River winter cutthroat


A decent Flathead River winter bull trout


a chunky Flathead River west-slope cutthroat.


Winter kypejaw rainbow on the Flathead River.

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