Great weather today on the river. Big Mtn covered in snow in the backdrop.

Today was probably our last guide trip of the season and we couldn’t have picked a better day. Sunny, warm and calm…There were enough BWOs in the afternoon to get some fish up here and there. Fish were mostly rising on the soft banks and slow back eddies but we also saw a few rise in faster water. The river isn’t in complete winter mode yet so it’s a good idea to have a dry rod handy.

Nymphs were getting plenty of action with the standard Prince nymphs, turds, and SJWs all producing.  A good old para adams or purple haze will do for risers, or you can find some fancy named one winged knock down cripple doodad if you want. They all work IF presented properly.

Looks like rain in the forecast but the river should still fish decent as long as flows remain stable.

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