Elk hunt

What a great hunting season! Spent the last few hours of the season quartering an elk at 8500ft watching the sunset.

We are winterized here in MT. The sprinkler lines are all blown out, hoses put away, boats covered and stored, fly rods switched out for rifles and shot guns, and rod vault traded for ski racks. It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything. Like most trout guides and outfitters we’ve been on hiatus from the drift boat enjoying all the other fall activities Montana has to offer – swinging flies for steelhead, big game hunting, waterfowl and upland birds, and the ski season is underway. After the holidays have past, the hunting seasons are over and we’ve had a few powder days in we’ll start to think about those pee-brained trout again. Usually mid January-ish after the pesky whitefish fisherman vacate all of our favorite winter runs. They like to clog up all the good spots this time of year while the lake superior whitefish run is in full swing.

The weather has been really warm the last several days reaching into the 50’s, well above average. Anytime we get a warming trend during the winter months the fish will usually cooperate, unless the wind is nuking 50mph or the river blows out, or both.  Not much is going to change until mid March as far as fishing tactics are concerned. Nymphing with the typical winter stuff is going to be the go to. Attractor nymphs, stonefly variations, SJWs, and your favorite pink candy winter jiggy nymphy thingies are all you need. Slow swinging streamers will also produce some results and is good fun/practice with two hander trout spey rods. We’ve had luck with just about every type of streamer you can throw depending on the day. Smaller stuff seems to get more attention and the classic crystal cone bugger is hard to beat. The occasional midge appearance is always a possibility so its good to have a few dry flies on hand. Small dark bodied parachutes, or classic midge patterns will work. As always look to the super boring, super slow, deep winter holding water and hammer any minute hesitation on your strike indicator.

We are going to do our best to have the shop open in the afternoons for your holiday needs from now through Christmas. Feel free to give us a call and we’d be glad to come open the doors if we’re not there. We have some echo trout spey packages, demo spey lines, Kast waterproof gloves, Simms gloves, a bunch of Patagonia beanies, and plenty of other gift ideas for you. We are going to have some good Christmas deals too so stop by the shop and check in.


A couple limits of ducks and a bunch of fly tying materials. Good winter fun.

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