Blackfoot River Fly Fishing

A nice morning cruise on the Blackfoot River

The cool weather has really made things pleasant on the rivers.  Actually a bit chilly in the mornings as of late. Normal summer temps are in the forecast, but not too hot, so the fishing/water temps should remain decent. Hatches are pretty much done.  With the exception of tricos starting in certain locales, it’s mostly terrestrials on the menu. Hoppers, ants, beetles, and moths are in play and will be the main bugs of choice until we get some cool nights late August when the Hecuba mayflies start to show. Hopper dropper rigs work well in the AM and a small ant or moth off the back in the afternoon is a good bet.  Spruce moths#14 and umber moths#10 are making their appearance a little early this year, have a few of them (caddis patterns work well) on hand just in case you encounter fish splashing them in the afternoons. Twitching a big bug at dawn and dusk is always a good bet to bring up a proper trout…

Looks like a fine week of summer weather coming our way, get out and enjoy!


Guide Ryan Stultz with a happy angler.

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