I have been getting a few folks asking how to clean and make their fly line float better. So I called RIO and Airflo to ask for their recommendations on several products. According to the  RIO line technician, Mucilin in the red and green containers is NOT advised on ANY RIO fly line.  He said Mucilin in both colors contains chemicals that extract the floating agents used in the line and over time will cause it to crack.

On the other hand, Airflo said it is ok to use. Their lines are made from a different type of polyurethane than the RIO PVC lines and are not affected by Mucilin. So if you’re a RIO guy or gal like we are then Mucilin is off limits.

Some of the products RIO recommended for cleaning and adding floatation are:

RIO Agent X

Scientific Anglers(TM) Fly Line Dressing with Pad

Loon Outdoors Line Speed

RIO recommended these line dressing products.

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