Summer is resurfacing after several days of violent thunder storms and heavy rain showers. Clear skies and sunshine are back! Ants, hoppers, and small terrestrial type attractor patterns are still going strong as we warm back up. With the cool wet weather comes the beginning of Hecuba mayflies(fall drakes). A few have been sighted and the fish have responded to a larger mayfly pattern(cripples and parachutes) the last few days. It’s been cold in the morning so if the dry fly bight isn’t hot right out the gate you can run a deep TBH mayfly, prince Jig,  SJW, or PRL to get a few grabs while you wait. Or go late morning and get way behind the guide boats and just throw a dry fly.

Fall is approaching fast! Back to school commercials have commenced and it feels like the dog days of summer are behind us. Looks like we’ve made it through without any Hoot Owl closures and minimal smoke thus far. Should be a good fall…

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