It’s been hot. Fortunately we have above average flows and cold water still. Fishing has been good depending on angler ability. Dry fly fishing with hoppers, ants, parachute mayflies, and small to mid sized attractors has been productive. Droppers are working well off a hopper if you can’t seem to get your dry fly drift to work. Princes, PT variations, perdigons, mini turds… all working under a chubby or winged hopper.

The 100 degree weather we’ve had the last week or so brought the temps up on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot to the point where its exceeding 70 in the early afternoon. Cooler weather is in the forecast so temps should drop back into the acceptable/ethical range for afternoon fishing. Keep an eye on the weather and temp graphs before you go.

Lots of folks out there enjoying the river this time of year. River and boat ramp manners go a long way. We are seeing more jet boats out there these days. If you’re a jet boat guy please consider an alternative to the main-stem Flathead recreation float section(hungry horse – Old steel). There are lots of places to go enjoy your power boat. Be polite and don’t drive around float traffic. Bad manners create regulation. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it a good idea, especially as the river continues to get smaller. Please prep your gear and boat away from the ramp and pay attention to who’s on deck – wait your turn and communicate with others. Pretty simple common since stuff. Have fun, smile, wave, toss a beer to another boat, go for a swim, give a few flies away….fly fishing isn’t all that serious.

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