It’s finally starting to feel like spring out there. Most of the valley snow is gone and the rivers just got a little push of much needed water. We are about to have a good window of opportunity to hit the rivers before run-off really gets going. All the rivers are on the drop and just got a nice refresh. Dry fly fishing in the afternoons with March brown mayflies, nemoura stones & skwalas will be happening.

We had a look at a few of our go-to lakes (Loon and Rogers) and they both still have ice. This weekend is going to be in the mid sixties so they should open up any day. The first few days after the ice is off are pretty fun- the big fish are hungry and dumb. Stop in for some balanced leeches and get after it before they get trained up.

We have a bunch of custom skwala dries and nymphs in the shop along with some new stone fly jigs and sparkle foamies. New BFA hoodies and hats too. Shop is open Thurs through Sat 11-5.

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