Normally by the end of April all our rivers are on the rise from snow-melt and we are hitting the lakes and the Missouri. But the late cold spell we had this spring has the rivers in great shape and fishing really well. The Clark Fork, Blackfoot, and Flathead rivers are all good options right now. The weather looks like it’s going to stay fairly cool so we might get a few more days of fishing in before flows ramp up. March Brown mayflies, Skwalas stones, and little brown stones are out in the afternoons providing some good dry fly opportunities. Para adams, p-haze, small dark stemi stones, and skwala foamies are what you want to throw. P-tail jigs, prince nymphs, small tung turds, and whatever variations of all of that you want to throw under a bobber in the am will keep you busy until the fish look up in the afternoon.


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