The fishing and weather have been fairly consistent on the Flathead River. Daytime highs approaching 50 with steady flows for the last week or so have the fish on the feed, if you can find them. After all the rain we had a couple weeks ago the river is chugging along at 9k which is about twice is normal flow for this time of year. All those spots you were hitting last fall are going to be way different – deeper, faster… Fish are still in the slow/deep stuff.  That will start to change as some bugs pop off the next few weeks. Look for fish to move out of the deep runs into riffles to feed in the afternoon when bugs are around. The warm afternoons in the coming weeks will likely provide some dry fly fishing if you’re in the right spot at the right time. March brown mayflies, BWOs, little winter stones, and midges will be the main menu item. We are starting to see a few little winter stones fluttering around so look for  risers in the afternoon.

Nymphs – SJWs, TB Jig 20 Inchers, TB Rubber Legs, TB Jig Prince, TB PT Jigs, Pink Soft Spot Jigs, Drag Queen PT, Pink Spanish Bullet, Pink perdigon, Brown Tungstone

Dries – Purple Haze, Midge Clusters, Small dark Stimis, Para adams, Skwala stones

We are not keeping regular hours at the moment so give us a call before you stop by. We are hiring. If you’re interested send a resume.

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