A welcomed dose of cool wet weather is coming through. The forecast is calling for a week of lows in the 40’s with highs in the 70’s. This is exactly what we needed to bring us out of the summer dog days. Water temps will plummet and we will likely see hoot owl restrictions lifted on the Clark Fork. The hecuba(fall drake) will surely rear it’s head in the coming week or so with the cool cloudy forecast. Summer crowds feel like they are waning. It sounds like kids are heading back to school around the country this fall so we might not be quite as busy as last Septmeber and that’s A-OK! Archery shops are bustling with folks excited to head to the woods in search of elk and the upland bird season starts in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully some of the traffic will thin on the rivers as a result.

Terrestrial season is long from over so keep your hoppers and ants out there. Mix in the hecuba(large mayfly) patterns in place of the hopper in the coming weeks. October caddis should show soon too. Swap out the hopper for some orange foamies as we head into Sept. One of our guides temped the Clark Fork this AM at 59. That should bring some fish out that have been hiding from the heat. We aren’t quite out of the woods yet with hot weather and smoke but there’s a good chance this could get us into September. Fingers crossed for clears skies for a while anyway.

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